How to Escape the ‘I Shoulda’ Trap with Real Stories and 3 Actionable Tips

Escape the ‘I Shoulda Trap’! Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I should do that,” only to realize months or even years have passed and you still haven’t taken action? I know the feeling all too well. Even as a go-getter, I’ve found myself stuck in the cycle of “I should do this,” or “I’ll […]

3 Fears that Stopped Me in My tracks as a Course Creator

My Journey & First 3 Fears as a Course Creator I’m super excited to share my own personal journey with you. In this episode, I opened up about the first three fears I encountered when I first started out as an online course creator, and I realized that many new entrepreneurs and course creators can […]

3 ways to Break Free from Perfectionism and Excel as a Course Creator

Break Free from Perfectionism as a Course Creator Are you stuck in the cycle of perfectionism and not moving forward on scaling your business? Do you think that you have to do it all before you can scale and grow your business?   In today’s BFF (Business Forward Friday) episode, I share with you how […]

Building a Healthy Entrepreneurial Lifestyle: Mind, Body, and Community

Is your physical and mental health on the daily to-do list? Where does your health fall on your to-do list as an entrepreneur? Do you stay moving and motivating with a healthy lifestyle?   In this episode, I share about things I have put in place to prioritize movement, have mindful nutrition, and how I […]