Avoid These 4 Traps When Building Your Target Audience as an Online Course Creator

Avoid These 4 Common Traps While Building Your Target Audience Have you ever felt like you’re waiting for the perfect moment or certain number to start connecting with others in your online course journey?   Maybe you’ve hesitated to reach out to potential clients or your email list, thinking you need a certain number of […]

How to Elevate Your Business with Tripwires and Lead Magnets

Elevate Your Business with Tripwires and Lead Magnets Are you looking for ways to drive more revenue, plus take your clients further down the customer journey?   You probably already have a lead magnet in place, but are you aware of the potential of adding a tripwire to your strategy? Today, I want to open […]

Are You Missing the First 3 Steps in your Marketing Funnel? [PART 1]

Are you ready for Simple Marketing Funnels? Does the term Marketing Funnels seem overwhelming to you?? Wait! Don’t Run Away!!! Hang with me… even if this seems like a foreign language to you…   OR if you know what funnels are… but you are still trying to implement them into your business!   I promise, […]