Sales Funnels 101 for Course Creators: Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Beginners

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Sales Funnels 101 for Beginners

Tell me, did the word ‘funnels’ make your heart skip with anticipation or did it trigger a slightly panicked, “Help, I’m so lost!”? Either way, my friend, brace yourself because we’re about to turn those overwhelming funnel vibes into a walk in the park.

Today, we’re going to break it down and make sales funnels a no-brainer for you.


Sales Funnels are about the journey!

Now, imagine guiding your ideal client on an adventure, where each step builds their confidence in you. This journey’s purpose? To master the art of the “know, like, and trust” factor. Think of a sales funnel like a trusty map that leads your potential student from discovering who you are (hello, world!), to hold you in high regard as someone they genuinely resonate with. You are moving them through the phases of knowing you, liking you, and ultimately trusting you!


Let’s break it down together!

The Know: Top of the Funnel

The first milestone is all about visibility. Picture me, waving at you, saying, “Hey, I’m right here!” I want to help you make noise and get noticed. Whether you’re a whiz at Facebook ads or the go-to guru for dog training, it’s crucial to light that beacon so your potential students can see you shine from miles away.


This is where you decide where you are going to show up and make sure your target audience sees you and hears you!

The Like: Creating Connections

Once you’ve announced your presence, the next layer of the funnel is fostering a connection. It’s like telling your new friends a story where they say, “Wow, she really gets me!” This could be through a podcast, where you share relatable tales and offer advice, or social media posts that elicit that head-nodding recognition.

The Trust: The Deepest Part of the Funnel

This is where things get real and you dive into building an authentic connection. It’s not enough for someone to just know and like you—they need to trust you.


Trust is earned when you’ve consistently proven your expertise and genuine nature. In the online world this could take about 15 to 20 touchpoints, but trust me… It’s worth every step.

Tactical Pieces of a Funnel:

Don’t stress over the tech side just yet. Focus on mapping out the emotional and relational path FIRST. 

When you’re ready to get down to brass tacks, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Opt-in Pages: Like an inviting entryway, this is where you offer something valuable (like a free worksheet) in exchange for contact details.
  2. Thank You Pages: After they sign up, thank them and maybe introduce a small, irresistible offer—a possible tripwire to keep them engaged.
  3. Upsells and Downsells: As you nurture your relationship via emails, you can guide them to further offers that provide even greater value.

Ok, my friend, Let’s Simplify This Together!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed… Don’t be! I love helping course creators like you simplify their funnels and build their businesses. If you need a help plotting out your course or customer journey… check out my coaching sessions where we can work side by side in getting you moving forward!


Take a listen to the whole episode here, so you can truly wrap your brain around the concept and the process of sales funnels!


Keep Shining, My Friend!


Remember to reach out to me at so that we can work together and get you moving forward today!

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