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This podcast helps simplify the tech and strategies for building, launching, and delivering your digital course to the right students.

I’m your host, Robbin Kent, Course Creation Coach & Launch Strategist, Educator, Jesus follower, Your New Techie Bestie, and Cheerleader for ALL. Things. Course. Creation!

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4. Emotional Branding 101

Because your actual logo is only 10% of your brand, and we need to define the other 90% of branding before we ever get to your logo. So today, I am going to share the core of your brand... which is Emotional Branding. This will save you time and lots of brain cells when you are able to identify your own brand emotions.

3. Are you a figureoutable woman?

Being a successful business women, you can't ever give up! You will fall down, but it's about how you get up and keep moving forward. Entrepreneurial life is HARD work! But when you set your mind to move forward one step at a time, then you will have more success than you ever imagined.

2. Is your brand message working for you?

How do you know if your brand message is connecting with your ideal client?

I share my top 6 ways to know if your brand message is crystal clear to your ideal client.

1. Why do you need a brand?

Welcome to the very first episode of Branding Strategies that Convert podcast! Listen in to learn a little about me, along with how creating a brand is so much more than designing a logo.

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The journey of building, launching, and delivering your course can be intricate, but I’m here to simplify it for you!

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I’m passionate about turning your God-given talents and skills into a profitable online course.


I partner with you in building, launching, and delivering your online course. With my proven strategies and systems, you’ll create raving fans and boost your course sales seamlessly.

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