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  • If you are ready to finally move forward and tackle the initial stages of course creation
  • Learn simple marketing & launch strategies that fit your business style and your personality…
  • Know how to build the right audience that need exactly what you teach.


Then this podcast is for you!

Being an educator for decades, I just can’t stop teaching! And on my podcast I love to imagine… you’re walking into my cozy, but fun classroom ready to learn what’s next and how to get there!


If this is you, then come on in and grab your favorite cup of coffee, some colored pens  & paper (maybe post notes, too), and let’s sit side by side as we finally get you moving forward on your own course creation journey!

I’m your host, Robbin Kent, Course Creation Coach & Launch Strategist, Educator, Christian Entrepreneur, and Your Cheerleader for ALL. Things. Course. Creation!

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In this podcast, you'll get...

Hours of Free Value to Help You on Your Course Creation Journey, to...

#1 - Build the right target audience for your online course or digital offer

#2 - Map out a solid marketing plan that shows your audience that you are their go-to person

#3 - Create an online course that delivers massive impact to your students and your income

Every week you’ll learn actionable tips & advice on how to create an online course that your target audience will buy with…

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