Hey Friend! I'm Robbin Kent

My Friends call me their “Techy Friend”… and you may see why soon!

I’m definitely a left-brain & right-brain kinda of girl…

I’m the detailed numbers girl with the love of creating designs and analyzing the data all wrapped in one!

I’ve been told it’s a rare find to have both loves!


Hey Friend! I'm Robbin Kent

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About Robbin…

It sets my soul on fire to see other women achieve all they were made for.

I’ve been known as an encourager my entire life, and working with women to make their “Big Vision” come alive is a dream come true.

When we are able to make your big vision a reality, then we get to change lives TOGETHER… and that is an incredible feeling for the both of us.


Teaming up and walking beside other female entrepreneurs to reduce their overwhelm by figuring out all the creative and tech details for their busines is my passion.


I know you were made for more and you have gifts & passions within you that others need & want!


I’m here to link arms with you and take you from overwhelm to making your vision of changing lives of other women a reality. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

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