28 Day 

Course CLARITY Jumpstart!


Are you ready to finally sit side by side someone who can help you create a course that your ideal client is ready to buy?

In the 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart, you will gain the clarity on which course you are creating, if your audience will buy your course, and how to structure your course content to bring massive impact!

This will be the Founder’s Round of the

28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart

and the Most Affordable it will Ever Be!

So, If you want to:

Then the 28 Day Course CLARITY Jumpstart is for You!

This Jumpstart will Include…

  • Live Weekly Coaching from Robbin,
  • Bi-weekly Q & A calls with Robbin,
  • a Community of other Course Creators like you,
  • opportunities for Personal Feedback from Robbin,
  • and Incentives to Get Things DONE!

Hi, I’m Robbin Kent, and I LOVE guiding course creators like you through the steps you need to start and grow a profitable & thriving online course & business. 

If you have been stuck in the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to building a successful & profitable course, then…

28 Days to Course Clarity Jumpstart is exactly where you need to start so you can get unstuck, ask questions, and be held accountable for taking action.

In this Jumpstart, I take the guesswork out of where to start & how to know you are building the right audience and the right course.

The Result? You get the gift of CLARITY on what to do, SKILLS to create quality relationships with the right audience, and a solid course curriculum that others are eager for you to share!

Since my ‘first & forever’ client in 2017 to now, I hear over and over…

“I want to create a course, so I can serve more and make a bigger impact… but I don’t know where to start!”

If you’re ready to Finally move forward and create a Course Your Audience Will Buy, then…

Let me Show YOU HOW!

Get on the Wait-list Now!

By joining the 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart you will gain access to the steps in implementing...

Business Strategies

Learn how to strategize what services & systems to implement to find that work & life balance.

An Authentic Message

Craft what to write on social media, on your website, on your blog, & in your emails.

Marketing Strategies

Decide how & where to market your personal brand to create effective authentic connections with your target audience.

Emails & Lead Magnets

Create content that is magnetic to your clients and how to deliver them to your ideal client.

An Ideal Client Avatar

Define your clients pain points & know exactly who you are talking to and how to connect.

Customer Journeys

Decide what types of services you are going to provide and what outcomes you will help them create.


Do you thrive with a…

Community & Accountability?

My clients and myself thrive & move forward so much faster with community and accountability! 

THIS may be the missing piece to get you UNSTUCK, too!

When you feel like you’re drowning with the never ending list of decisions then…


Having a group to bounce ideas off of and others to check in on you with a word of encouragement can be the huge missing piece of the puzzle to accomplish your goals!

Let’s be honest… It’s just more FUN & MOTIVATING to be surrounded by positive people who can relate and encourage you on the journey!

You don’t have to build your course All ALONE any longer!

I’ve been there before and so many of my clients, too!

Let’s get YOU going in the Right Direction!

Get on the Wait-list Now!


The word on the "net" about me is...

Meet Your Course Creation Coach

Hey Friend, I'm Robbin!

I've been an educator for decades.

After dedicating two decades to public education, supporting students and their families, I had this feeling that God was nudging me to pivot and focus on the mommas of these children. He wanted me to help them remove the roadblocks hindering them from chasing their dreams and His plans for them as an online entrepreneur.

After countless prayers and embracing the direction He pointed me toward, I made the bold decision to leave my 9-to-5 career and step into the world of entrepreneurship and course creation.

God opened door after door for me to learn the intricacies of technology, to study & practice effective strategies, and to provide unwavering support to course creators & online business women. A business that allows me to empower course creators to share their God-given skills and talents to students eagerly seeking their expertise.

The business God helped me build allows me to step away from the laptop, be present & available for my family and friends, take care of my health, create my own schedule, and make Kingdom impact.


My passion is to show you how to do the same!

Call me CRAZY… But I Love seeing people Happy and Succeeding in Life!

It just sets my Soul on Fire!


If you’ve made it all the way to the end of the page… then let’s have a little heart-to-heart.

My heart is to serve and guide women who know they are ready to make an IMPACT!

The women that have a fire deep in their soul that is so bright and they want to make an unforgettable impact on others in this world with their gifts and strengths…. These Are My People!

If that’s you, then you are in the right place! Let’s do this Together and help others ignite their fire within, too!

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