Turn Your Business into a BRAND !

~DIY Style~

Course Creation Coach

WHY the heck do you need to become a BRAND?

If you are reading this, then I am guessing you have a full blown business or even a side hustle… but do you have a brand?

A simple explanation of the difference between a business & a brand is that….


A business is the service or product you offer to your client.


A brand is the feeling others  have when they think about doing business with you!

Your clients may find you because of the product or service you provide, but they become “Lifers” because of how they FEEL when they think of you & your business!

Think about the person you meet on Instagram that you have never met in person, but the service they have is exactly what you need…

I bet you started checking out their content to see if you like & trust what they are offering.

And when you make a connection with them, then you keep going back for more!

You want to create a BRAND that…

Your Brand personality shines through your message & design!

My ‘DIY Your Brand’ workbook will get you started in knowing exactly what you want your brand to be known for & the reputation you want to leave!

So… What are you waiting for?


About Robbin…

It sets my soul on fire to see other women achieve all they were made for.

I’ve been known as an encourager my entire life, and working with women to make their “Big Vision” come alive is a dream come true.

When we are able to make your big vision a reality, then we get to change lives TOGETHER… and that is an incredible feeling for the both of us.

Teaming up and walking beside other female entrepreneurs to reduce their overwhelm by figuring out all the creative and tech details for their busines is my passion.

I know you were made for more and you have gifts & passions within you that others need & want!

I’m here to link arms with you and take you from overwhelm to making your vision of changing lives of other women a reality. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Course Creation Coach - Robbin Kent

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