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The 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart

Build the right audience, develop a solid marketing plan, and create an effective online course that will bring your students massive results.

Let’s Do This!

If you are ready to stop the guesswork in creating an online course that will actually sell ...

turn your course ideas into passive income

and know exactly what to say to sell your course to the right audience.

This Jumpstart is for you!

I Get It!

I’ve been there, too!

What you’re thinking is normal… But I have the answers!

The 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart is… 

Focusing on the often-overlooked initial stages of course creation!

Imagine If…

You’re in the Right Place!

Are You Ready to have it ALL???

Say goodbye to overwhelm & feeling lost…

And hello to having CLARITY !

When you’re trying to build an online course by duct taping all the pieces together…

the process can be overwhelming.


Your course sales are minimal and you’re not able to scale effectively because of all the duct taping! 

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn in the 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart...

My G.R.O.W Framework:

Focusing on the often-overlooked initial stages of course creation…

Nail your target audience and know them like you know your BFF.

  • Market Research
  • Discover Your Client’s Pain Points
  • Define Your Course Promise

Determine exactly what and how you are going to teach and deliver your course.

  • Create Your Course Outline
  • Determine Your Delivery Method & Course Assets
  • Find the Right Course Platform for You

Create your marketing message and customer journey for your future students.

  • Decide on the Right Lead Magnet aligned to Your Course
  • Develop Your Effective Customer Journey
  • Create Your Brand Message to know what to write on social media, emails, and sales pages

Plan out your marketing blueprint to launch your course and have your audience ready to buy.

  • Map out your Hype Phase/Pre-Launch Strategy
  • Develop your Launch Strategy – waitlist, presells, or first 10 offers.
  • Learn how to write your sales page copy


BONUS – 5th week of Support from Me!

You have 28 days of classes and coaching, but I will be staying with you an additional week in the community to help answer any questions or give you feedback.

BONUS – My TOP Strategies to create high-converting sales pages

Get my top secrets of how to layout your sales page, so that you turn ‘lookers’ into ‘buyers’!

Since my ‘first & forever’ client in 2017 to now, I hear over and over…

“I want to create a course, so I can serve more and make a bigger impact… but I don’t know how!”


💎PRESALE through Thursday, May 30th!💎

Ready to Make SALES On Day One of Your Course Launch?

Let me Show You How!

What you get:


Get Started for

ONLY $77

Reg. $397

Begins Monday, June 17th

Hi, I’m Robbin Kent, and I LOVE guiding course creators like you… through the steps you need to start and grow a profitable & thriving online course & business. 

If you have been stuck in the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to building a successful & profitable course, then…

28 Days to Course Clarity Jumpstart is exactly where you need to start so you can get unstuck, ask questions, and be held accountable for taking action.

In this Jumpstart, I take the guesswork out of where to start & how to know you are building the right audience and the right course.


The Result? You get the gift of CLARITY on what to do, SKILLS to create quality relationships with the right audience, and a solid course outline that others are eager for you to share!

The 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart

will give you the tools to...

Build a Strong Audience

Identify your ideal client and define their pain points to know exactly who you are talking to and how to connect.

Create An Authentic Message

Craft what to write on social media, on your website, on your blog, & in your emails to sell your course.

Implement Marketing Strategies

Decide how & where to market your online course to an audience ready to buy.

Map Out Your Launch Plan

Determine when you will launch, what to do in each phase of launch, and the systems and platforms you will need to have a profitable launch.

Design a Customer Journey

Decide on the roadmap you will take your potential client on to build trust and they see you as the go-to person in your industry.

If you’re thinking… YES, I NEED THIS!!!

Then stick with me because I want to show you what is possible for you and your business!


In 28 Days Course Clarity Jumpstart, I provide you with the steps to go from overwhelmed and constantly “going in circles” to organized, excited, confident, and knowing ‘what’ & ‘how’ to sell your course to your raving fans…


So you can scale your business to serve more with your God-given skills and talents!

And the 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart

also provides you with an…

Experienced coach & encouraging community for accountability, plus 

the opportunity to ask me all of your burning course creation questions.

These two factors alone will PROPEL You Forward to Creating a Course Your Audience Will Buy!

“My First & Forever” client since 2017

Lisa Arendell – Energy Transformation Coach

“You will not find an easier, kinder, more understanding person to work with. Because I’m a creative and my tech brain space is limited, Robbin has had to have extra patience with me, and definitely has an extra crown waiting on her in heaven, ha! 

Honest, loyal, patient, kind, compassionate, professional, I could go on. She’s simply the best and I’m so grateful to have her continually helping me build my business & brand. It would NOT be what it is today without her!”

My first and Forever Client

What other Clients have to say...

ALL THINGS business coaching!

I HIGHLY recommend Robbin for ALL THINGS business coaching! Before I worked with Robbin I felt like I was really spinning my wheels, trying to figure out where best to devote my time and efforts in growing my business. She helped me to prioritize and get consistent doing the things that helped me to get more clients with my Health Coaching business! I also get SO MUCH value from her podcasts! Highly recommend it!!!

Skye Dale – Health Coach

New found clarity!

Before working with Robbin, I struggled with getting clarity on my course curriculum and list-building strategy, which made me feel stuck. I needed more clarity on my business and course creation process. This struggle was a roadblock to moving me forward in my online business.

Robbin’s unique approach has truly been a game-changer for me. She has a knack for using everyday life examples to simplify complex concepts, making them understandable and applicable to my business. The clarity and encouragement I’ve gained from our sessions have been priceless…

, giving me the push I needed to confidently move forward with my course creation.


Since collaborating with Robbin, the difference in my business and course creation has been substantial. Thanks to the newfound clarity and targeted strategy Robbin has helped me implement, I’ve seen my confidence grow. Her genuine care for my success and her willingness to go the extra mile are rare qualities that have impacted my business and earned her my complete trust. Robbin is more than just an expert in her field; she’s a reliable, trustworthy professional who is unwavering in commitment to my success.
I wholeheartedly endorse Robbin, confident any business would flourish under her guidance.

Samanta Figueira – Visual Brand Designer

Kathy - Testimonials - Robbin Kent

She helped me create specific action steps

I started my online coaching business with a very small niche audience. Robbin helped me to create a clear, strategic plan to create awareness and build my target audience engagement. She helped me create specific action steps and held me accountable for execution.


I love her focus on the brand message being more than colors and fonts, and I continue to develop my business brand to be about how I want my clients to feel after working with me. I love that I can turn to Robbin to help me make sure I am doing the right things for my business brand and mission.

Kathy Geffen – Business Coach

Beverly S. - Testimonials

Working with Robbin has been an answer to prayer!

Working with Robbin has been an answer to prayer! I needed someone who could help me get my landing page set up in ConvertKit fast! She really listened, offered valuable insight and then took the time to show me how to use the platform.


Robbin is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and loves serving her clients. She is a joy to work with!

Beverly Smith – Job Search Strategist

Donna M. - Testimonials

Robbin can see the things about me that I am blind to see

As I considered pivoting from working in the classroom to starting my online business, Robbin became my mentor. Robbin has helped me with my mindset both personally and professionally by sharing her story with me, encouraging me, and motivating me to go forward.


Even though we have only known each other for a couple of months, Robbin can see the things about me that I am blind to see about myself. She is exactly who I want to help me build my brand. I am so grateful to her and all that she so generously shares with me and others.

Thank you, Robbin

Donna Meehan – Tech Strategist

Meet Your Course Creation Coach

Hey Friend, I'm Robbin!

I've been an educator for decades.

After dedicating two decades to public education, supporting students and their families, I had this feeling that God was nudging me to pivot and focus on the mommas of these children. He wanted me to help them remove the roadblocks hindering them from chasing their dreams and His plans for them as an online entrepreneur.

After countless prayers and embracing the direction He pointed me toward, I made the bold decision to leave my 9-to-5 career and step into the world of entrepreneurship and course creation.

God opened door after door for me to learn the intricacies of technology, to study & practice effective strategies, and to provide unwavering support to course creators & online business women. A business that allows me to empower course creators to share their God-given skills and talents to students eagerly seeking their expertise.

The business God helped me build allows me to step away from the laptop, be present & available for my family and friends, take care of my health, create my own schedule, and make Kingdom impact.


My passion is to show you how to do the same!

Who is the 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart for & Not for?

It is RIGHT for you if:

It is NOT for you if:

Let’s Do It, My Friend!!!

What you get:


Get Started at

ONLY $77

Reg. $397

Begins Monday, June 17th


You've got questions? I have answers!

Everything will be recorded and yours to keep! 


P.S. Future rounds of this Jumpstart will have to pay more to keep the recordings.

All the recordings and downloads are yours to keep for life!


The video recordings will be given to you, along all other files will be downloadable for you to keep.

Absolutely! The calls will be recorded to watch at your convenience!

This 28 Day Course Clarity Jumpstart will begin on Monday, June 17th.


Live classes will be on Tuesdays at 12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST.


Hot Seat Coaching will be announced during the Jumpstart… to meet the availability of the majority of students.

You can email me at with your questions prior to the Live Calls and I will be glad to answer it during the Live!


You can also post questions inside the Private Community to get feedback and support.

Always feel free to email me at for any further clarification.

I am more than happy to answer ANY of your questions.

A 7 Day ‘Test It – Apply It’ Guarantee

I’m So Confident you will love this membership!

Join Idea to Impact Business Membership now, long into the member platform & facebook community

But, if for any reason you feel that you didn’t get waaaay more value than what you invested, simply email me at with your work attached, within 45 days of the course start date, and I’ll happily refund you in full.

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