3 Day Challenge: Connections that Convert!

3 Day Challenge: Create Connections that Convert!

Research shows that it takes… “6 to 8 interactions with each client to turn a lead into a paying client!”

Entrepreneurs that feel like a failure when no one is buying after 1 or 2 interactions…

have set themselves up for a miserable business journey.

The key to interacting with potential clients 6+ times is… building Authentic Connections.

If you are struggling with:

Then KEEP Reading!

In my 3 Day Challenge, I’ll show you how to create Authentic Connections that Convert

with or without a website!

So That You Can…

Why do you need to create connections?

As an online entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to create the know, like, and trust factors with your ideal client. Social media is a great start, but you need more.

Social media is like the handshake of finding & meeting your potential clients…

but inviting them over for a Virtual Coffee Chat and creating authentic connections is like the rich and creamy foam on the top of your cappuccino!

… And I will show you how the money is in the foam in creating that authentic relationship!

In my FREE 3 day Challenge you will learn my 3 steps in creating authentic connections that convert with or without a website.

Let’s create authentic connections that have your ideal clients seeing you as the go-to person in your area of expertise!

What are you waiting for?

I said it’s FREE!

We’ll get started on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023!

Sign Up to TODAY & learn even more tips on building the know, like, & trust factors!

We are waiting for you in the FREE Connections that Convert Challenge!

About Robbin…

It sets my soul on fire to see other women achieve all they were made for.


Creating connections with others has always been a top priority in my personal or professional life.


I’ve seen the difference it’s made in my life and theirs.


I’ve always been a people person and both of my parents were excellent role models for this before the internet.


But creating the connections online can be a real challenge! I’ve personally struggled with it until I found the magic formula… and that is what I want to teach you and help you refine! 


You may be doing pieces of my formula, but when you put it all together… then you start finding your people in every corner of the web. 


I’m here to link arms with you and take you from overwhelm to making your vision of changing lives of other women a reality. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

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