Before You Create a Course: 3 Essential Steps to Ensure Your Online Course Sells on Day One!

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Before You Build: Essential Steps to Ensure Your Online Course is a Hit!

Are you thinking about actually creating the course that is swirling around in your head? You know that you have skills and talents that others need to know…  But you keep wondering will I make any money from this course. Is it worth my time and investment?  Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through answering these questions!


Let’s explore the essential steps you absolutely must take before you go live with your course. These steps aren’t just administrative hurdles; think of them as the strategic blueprint that will shape your course into something that truly resonates with your audience and sells effectively!

1.  Conduct Deep-Dive Market Research

Alright, so market research might sound like a formal boardroom activity, but I promise, it can be incredibly enlightening and even fun! This isn’t about skimming the surface; it’s about diving into the deep end of your prospective students’ needs, desires, and pain points.


What are they discussing in online forums? What solutions are they seeking in their late-night Google searches? Understand that knowing your subject matter isn’t the same as knowing what aspect of your knowledge potential students are willing to pay for. By aligning your course with their needs, you transform your course from being just informative to being absolutely necessary.

2. Find and Nurture Your Target Audience

Now, armed with your market research, your next step is to pinpoint where your potential students are hanging out.. Are they part of specific LinkedIn groups, active on Instagram, or perhaps engaged in niche communities in Facebook groups?


Once you locate them, the next part is crucial: engagement. Start participating in discussions, offer value, and become a visible, helpful presence. This isn’t about selling yet; it’s about building genuine connections. This engagement will help you gather more insights about your audience’s needs, which can further refine your course.

3. Start the Hype Phase

Creating buzz around your upcoming course is critical and the pre-launch phase is all about excitement and anticipation. Begin by sharing behind-the-scenes peeks of your course creation process or snippets of content that spark curiosity and demonstrate value. If you’re solving a problem, let them know just how you plan to tackle it.


This is also a great time to deploy an email marketing campaign, teasing your course launch. Gradually build your narrative around the problem you are addressing and how your course offers not just solutions, but transformation.

Bonus Tip # 4: Soft Launch with a Beta Test

Consider doing a soft launch first with a beta version of your course. Select a small group of your most engaged audience members to go through the course. This strategy allows you to gather feedback, refine the course material, and truly understand how your content performs in a real-world scenario. It’s like a dress rehearsal before the grand premiere!


Remember, each piece of feedback is golden—use it to tweak and improve every aspect of the course. Plus, successful beta testers can become stellar testimonials and case studies for your main launch!

These are must do steps as you begin to structure your course creation journey and want to sell on day one

And remember, if you want a guided, hands-on approach to all these strategies, jump on the waitlist for the “28-Day Course Clarity Jumpstart”! 


I’m thrilled to open the doors to my beta launch later this month. We’ll have Live Coaching and Q & A calls, along with incentives and accountability to ensure you build a course that isn’t just good, but outstanding.


Keep pushing forward, stay passionate, and let’s make your course not just a learning experience but a transformative journey for your students.


Until next time, keep shining, my friend!


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