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Hey Friend! I'm Robbin Kent

Your Course Creation Coach & Techie Girl!

I’m definitely a left-brain & right-brain kind of girl…

I’m the detailed numbers girl with a love of creating designs and analyzing the data to see if we hit our target goal!

I’ve been told it’s a rare find to have both loves!

Looking at data and seeing how we can make your process that much faster and smoother, allows us more time to figure out…

If we want an Americano coffee with 1 shot or 2 shots of espresso at the local or virtual coffee shop. 😉 #Priorities

I’ve always loved envisioning an end product and then stepping back and figuring out what needs to happen to make that vision a reality.

It could be with…

It’s the perfect mix for this complex, multi-faceted ADHD brain of mine!

And… getting to work alongside your creative, big idea, passionate brain… creates such a dynamic duo and we get to change lives of other women TOGETHER!

Call me CRAZY…But I love seeing people Happy and Succeeding in Life!

It just sets my Soul on Fire!

My Story – 

First, I’ve gotta say…

It’s ALL a God thing!

I’m not sure where to begin… because being a details girl this could be a long story, but for now I’ll try to keep it short!


My passion in life has always been to serve others & help them achieve their goals. 


My first career was as a school counselor for almost 20 years… and helping kids realize their potential was endless and never to give up!


But there came a time that God called me to shift my focus to helping the mommas, wives, daughters, and friends achieve their passions.

7 years ago, my passionate friend, Lisa, wanted to move her coaching business to the online space and I decided I was going to figure out how to make this happen!


So I DID just That! …From creating courses, membership sites, landing page funnels, webinars, and all the automations in between.

And I fell in LOVE with the whole process!


Still to this day… we both get fired up taking her new ideas of empowering more women… and having the best ever coffee chats about “how” to make this happen!

God-Given Spiritual Gifts




My Mission – 

Supporting women who believe they are made for more is absolutely inspirational!

Seeing their vision come alive is Epic!

And Doing it TOGETHER is what sets my Soul on Fire!

My Story – Part 2…

If you want to know more!

I’m a wife of 28 years to my college sweetheart & mom to 2 Amazing kids! My son is 26 years old in college to be a Medical Psychologist & my daughter is 24 years old and this is second year as a junior high & high school band director. To say I’m proud of them… is an understatement!


I’ve always known that teaching & supporting others was a gift and love of mine. This is why I pursued my college degrees with a B.S in Psychology, along with a M.A School Counseling & a M.A in Industrial Organizational Psychology. The love of learning runs constantly through my veins.


I’m an Enneagram 7 that loves to have fun in everything I do! Even if it is working outside in 100 degree temperatures here in Louisiana…I will find a way to make you laugh and have fun!


A few more random facts about me…

If you are still reading, then we have to connect! I’d love to get to know about you and what are your big vision ideas!

Let's Connect

I’m passionate about turning your God-given talents and skills into a profitable online course.


I partner with you in building, launching, and delivering your online course. With my proven strategies and systems, you’ll create raving fans and boost your course sales seamlessly.

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