Simplifying your Course Curriculum Roadmap with 3 Easy Steps

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Stuck on Your Curriculum? Let's Get Unstuck Together!

Do you have a course idea in mind but feeling a bit stuck on how to structure and layout your content?


Trust me, I’ve been there too.


My clients and I have both struggled with knowing the topic so well that it can be challenging to step back and figure out how to break it down in a course.


Let me share with you on how I teach my clients to create an engaging and effective curriculum for your online course, so your students will achieve exactly what your course is intended for.

1. Defining Your Learning Objective

So, first things first – what’s your big idea? What do you aim to teach, and what do you want your students to achieve at the end of your course? Defining a clear learning objective is crucial. For instance, if you’re passionate about teaching elementary kids how to write, you need to decide whether you’re creating the course for the students themselves or for their parents to guide them. This clarity will shape the entire curriculum.

a. Understanding Your Audience

Now, let’s talk about your audience. Who are you teaching, and what are their specific needs and learning styles? Understanding your audience is key to tailoring your content. Are you teaching tech-savvy millennials or maybe busy professionals looking to upskill? Identifying your audience will inform your teaching approach and ensure that your content resonates with them.

2. Structuring Your Curriculum

Once you understand your learning objective and audience, it’s time to structure your curriculum. Think about the overarching categories and modules you want to cover. These will form the main pillars of your course. For example, if you’re creating a course on graphic design using Canva, your modules might include topics like using shapes, color combinations, and font selections.

3. Developing Compelling Content and Activities

This is where the magic happens. Determine the type of content you’ll create – videos, checklists, workbooks, or interactive exercises. Consider incorporating activities that allow your students to apply what they’ve learned. Encouraging them to share their work in a community or seek feedback can further enrich their learning experience.

Building Your Curriculum Framework

Now, it’s time to put your ideas into a structured framework. Start with a brain dump to get all your ideas on paper. Don’t worry about it being messy at this stage! Organize and refine your content, ensuring it aligns with your learning objectives. Seek feedback from peers or mentors to ensure your curriculum is comprehensive and engaging.

Ready to Launch Your Course?

Congratulations! You’ve created a solid curriculum for your online course. Now, you’re all set to move forward with confidence, knowing that your content is well-structured and tailored to your audience’s needs. Remember, creating your course’s curriculum is a significant step toward marketing and selling your course. 


Check out episode #62 | Are You Missing the First 3 Steps in your Marketing Funnel? [PART 1] and #64 How to create a Simple Marketing Funnel to Boost Your Sales as a Course Creator [Part 2]  for more marketing strategies and tips to launch your course to success!


If you need personalized support and guidance on this process, I’m here for you! Feel free to check out my coaching sessions, where we can work together to refine your curriculum and set you on the path to course creation success.


Can’t wait to see your course come to life! Your students are waiting for you to share your knowledge and expertise… so get started now!

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