1. Why do you need a brand?

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Turn your Business into a Brand!

Welcome to the very first episode of Branding Strategies that Convert podcast! Listen in to learn a little about me, along with how creating a brand is so much more than designing a logo. 


Your logo is only 10% of your brand. In each episode, I will cover the other 90% of building your brand, as well as your logo.


A brand is the master key in creating connections that will turn your ideal client into lifers that KNOW you are the exact person they need.

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Get ready to stop the endless thoughts and doubts of not knowing ‘how’ to get started or ‘where’ to go next!

Idea to Impact Business Membership is designed to help you build a thriving business including messaging, design, tech, business systems, and marketing to attract your ideal clients that need exactly what you offer.

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About Robbin…

It sets my soul on fire to see other women achieve all they were made for.

Creating a Personal Business & Brand that is authentic, fun, creative, and professional is one of my favorite things ever!

I’ve always been a huge fan of being yourself in everything you do! One of my favorite things I share often is that I don’t want to ever fit in a box. I want to always be uniquely me.

By using storytelling and emotional branding, I get to use this mindset in every part of my business and branding,

And when I get to break this down for my clients and they see how profitable being yourself and sharing your unique expertise feels!

And that is what I want to teach you and help you build your business from the inside out! 

You may have figured out pieces in my Idea to Impact Business Membership, but you are struggling and are tired of doing it all alone… when you get all the pieces in place… then you start finding your people in every corner of the web. 

I’m here to link arms with you and take you from overwhelm to making your vision of changing lives of other women a reality.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Brand strategist - Robbin Kent; Connections that Convert

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